A Love Reasoning💭

🎶The reasons, the reasons that we are here…🎶

Just to think, a reason is one’s thoughts . The reason is the all mighty.

I was intellectualizing and came to a mind-blowing 🤯 conclusion… my wisdom comes from the trials and tribulations (a.k.a. “my struggles”). My wisdom may reach someone or uplift someone in their own “struggle”, however, it is my wisdom for Me and my growth in this life.

Reason’s come through wisdom. HENCE, the reason one’s reasonings change throughout life. “A fool changes his mind, not.” A fool is unreasonable.

Have you ever met someone or know someone who stands firm on their belief and when you show them that what they believe is ultimately not true and they may get belligerent or may say “well this is what I believe?”

Never waste your precious time arguing or debating with an unreasonable individual or group. Let them Be.

You can grow up with someone in the same household, have the same routine, witness the same experiences, etc., and you will still have a different view of life.

I have learned to reason with myself. which is harder to do, by the way, verses with someone else.

To consistently be truthful with yourself and check yourself when you know you did something f’d up (pardon my choice of words) is not always easy.

Just to think, if people would learn to do more self reasoning and self judgment before going out and reasoning and judging others, the world will be a better world. Because what we do on the inside shows on the outside sooner or later.

Like I previously mentioned, my wisdom; my reasoning. This may reach you or uplift you, but ultimately, this is what I’ve come to learn, for Me and my salvation.

Even though my reasonings may change throughout my life of gaining wisdom, I reason with authority, with self, first because my thinking connects Me to my heart which connects Me to The Most High, and that’s where my authority derives from.

🎶la la lala la la lala🎵🎶


The Reasons by Earth, Wind, and Fire… I do not own the rights to the lyrics to this song.

Peace ✌🏽 and Love 💜 to you all.

I Am who I Am is.

Po_a_lil tree <I created this word… it’s cute… means~ a little poetry. Fyi my Big Sis doesn’t like my Ghettwa language. ☺️ I love it.

Yes, so apologies for the long subtitle and everything, Just tryna keep us all together. Alright now, (clearing throat) her we go.

Who is I Am?

Oh Honey let me enlighten you, if I may.

I Am Spirit and Man, strangely mixed. I Am infinite beyond what meets the eye.

I Am  Daughter by Father and Mother. I Am Them and They are I.

I Am Wife of HIM; winner of his heart. I Am His reasonable companion. I Am the comfort of his heart. Happy is the Man to call I Wife.

I Am Mother. Mother is Me. I Am Womb made manifest. I Am law to my young; foundation of Our Home. Happy is the child to call I Mother.

I Am the Universe, and Galaxy. I Am the Star that shines so bright.

I Am Planet Earth, for it is the very make of my form. I Am the ground beneath feet, the water drank, the air breathing, the fire that burns inside All, the sky so high an airplane can’t touch.

I Am Sister. I Am cousin. I Am friend.

I Am Everthing I say, think, wish, believe, and hope I Am. For I Am the Master of I self.

I Am in this world; not of it.

I Am That I Am.

I Am is Me.

I Am is within you. If the question arise, “Who are You?” You may say, “I Am.”

Peace and Love to That I Am.