Good evening.

Today, this day of this night, is Beautiful.

8/7/2022 (2+2+2=6 ) 876 or 678. Synchronicity… Somebody said numbers don’t lie… and I never caught a number in a lie yet, soooo yeah. Order… everything lined up accordingly.

Beautiful Today went how it was suppose to go, synchronized and in order like the month, day, and year.

As you should, I see you Today.πŸ˜‰

Peace and Love.

Episode two

Oh that Somebody… Smh

I remember when I was younger… Than I am now… the Big Sister and I were having this conversation; it was to the nature of Me having a concern with the way things were… I think I was a lil’ in my feelings about the way I viewed Life at that particular time… after I spoke my peace, my sister just looked at me, and was like, “Somebody’s gotta do it.” And had the nerve to be smirking while shrugging her shoulders! And I’m just looking as if she just sums up my whole reasonings and logics on the matter in a four word statement the way she did, I know I’m Not the only one that despise a one liner, when being used on self, of course

* SN: even though I was most definitely irritated with Big Sister, seems as though she wrote those words on me because somebody was always around doing it… Now that I’m thinking about it. Still Is

Question: Why Somebody always gotta be the bigger person?

Disclaimer: I just need My Father to know that it is not my intent to be acting ungrateful for the life given to me… I’m Just saying, for understanding and wisdom purposes. I don’t know about y’all but I love my Father and I don’t need no confusions, so yes this section is necessary.

As a child I was head strong, my Uncle, may God be pleased with Him, called me BigHead, like that was my name to Him, Tru story… so yes I was bighead strong, and if I thought something to be true about WHATEVA, I said it. At school I used to get sent to the office all the time, Not to be punished, but to make a report on the situation at hand. One time I had to grab a child by the ear (Not in a violent manner, I saw you think it) but the child was really acting out, disrupting my learning and scaring the teacher, that I liked, and some order needed to be established in that moment; the child put that act right on after that, he even joined in on our popcorn reading session. Had to give a thorough report that day, smh. My Mother would just be like… shaking her head because she wouldn’t exactly know what to say to me. Very serious child too. My foundation within myself, as a child, was solid as a mountain. I was a “been here before” type child. So Anyways…

Bighead grows up, So now I start finding myself in these situations where people start telling Me that Somebody’s gotta be the bigger person…

I was in this relationship some time ago and this guy was cheating on me left to right, up and down, I mean I ain’t know what direction to turn… Everything starts to blow up and out, the details is for another time and place, you hear me. I was there, to the max, the max of leaving and being done with him… talk about the hurt in my heart chil’… but one day he said to me, after everything transpired, “Somebody gotta be the bigger person, man.” It was the way he said it, for me. Like I know that the bigger person should be Me… Then instantly I’m irritated because in my mind I Am, and I know it.

Here’s the thing, that may be, however, where was/is your bigger person… Like you couldn’t be the bigger person and not put all that hurt on a Sis… I’m just saying.

Kid y’all not, I’m too cool for school. I speak when spoken to, respect my elders, honor Father and Mother, etc. Not perfect, I try tho. Ain’t nothing wrong with aiming honey

  • some one bothers me
  • some one use and abuse me
  • someone misjudge my me
  • some one steals from me
  • some one lies on me
  • some one maligns my honor
  • etc.

All of these things has been done, and in all situations the bigger person is presumed and assumed to be, Yup you got it, Me. However, I have come to the wisdom that… this is the answer, if you’re still following… Somebody is that one that needs to bring the level head, the one that has to think things through, see things from another perspective, restores the peace, shower the madness with Love.

“Somebody just gotta do it.”

SN: later on… a new wonder arises…

Question: Why is Somebody ALWAYS Me?

Answer: I Am Love. A.K.A. BigHead

Peace and Love.