Your Masculinity Energy

It’s the strength in you,

A Super Hero.

You carry Me when you fly, so we fly; I tap in. You bring out the Super Woman in Me.

It’s the confidence in you,

The Sure Thing.

You know Every need to be filled; You Tap in, to Leadership. Flourishing the Natural Feminine Stillness in Me.

It’s the Protector in You,

Activating our cloak shield.

5. As you wrap your arms around my Sacrum, my Holy Bone, my Love Handles, 4. as I Am secured; 3. I complete the launch with my arms around your Cervical Seven, the tip of your Medulla Oblongate, your Neck; 2. our Frontals unite, passing thru electricity. 1.Sheild activated. *blast off, Protected.

It’s the Focus in you,


What’s understood is acted upon; collectively, with the vibration of your speaker box. You read, write, speak, touch my Love Language. Hmm.

It’s your Masculinity. Every’way about it.

You ignite my Femininity.

Ignis. Ignire.

God gifted kinda energy.  InFinite.


We Are Love Binded Created thru Heaven.

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