I Am who I Am is.

Po_a_lil tree <I created this word… it’s cute… means~ a little poetry. Fyi my Big Sis doesn’t like my Ghettwa language. ☺️ I love it.

Yes, so apologies for the long subtitle and everything, Just tryna keep us all together. Alright now, (clearing throat) her we go.

Who is I Am?

Oh Honey let me enlighten you, if I may.

I Am Spirit and Man, strangely mixed. I Am infinite beyond what meets the eye.

I Am  Daughter by Father and Mother. I Am Them and They are I.

I Am Wife of HIM; winner of his heart. I Am His reasonable companion. I Am the comfort of his heart. Happy is the Man to call I Wife.

I Am Mother. Mother is Me. I Am Womb made manifest. I Am law to my young; foundation of Our Home. Happy is the child to call I Mother.

I Am the Universe, and Galaxy. I Am the Star that shines so bright.

I Am Planet Earth, for it is the very make of my form. I Am the ground beneath feet, the water drank, the air breathing, the fire that burns inside All, the sky so high an airplane can’t touch.

I Am Sister. I Am cousin. I Am friend.

I Am Everthing I say, think, wish, believe, and hope I Am. For I Am the Master of I self.

I Am in this world; not of it.

I Am That I Am.

I Am is Me.

I Am is within you. If the question arise, “Who are You?” You may say, “I Am.”

Peace and Love to That I Am.

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