Episode One

Lil’ Bio

Greetings Loves!

Before I start writing about me, first and foremost, I trust All are well and at peace with life and endeavors that life carries you.

I Am Love.

What would you say if I told you I come from the Plane of Love?

Well for starters love is the number one principle, to me, there are five I live by but they will be touched upon throughout future episodes.

*Now I realize that not everyone lives by the same principles and that is fine by be; I trust how I Live is fine by you.*

where were we….. Ah!

With love being the number one principle, It is All; Aught. The Highest Level… There is most definitely levels to this... The Highest Level of the Mind! A light bulb 💡 went off in my head, some time ago, when I came to know that the first organ we develop in the womb is the Heart; along with the Brain… the heart is formed before the brain… It has been taught to me that one has reached their highest self when the brain and heart aligns and become one. if they are created together, to me, they should be together. Everything I do, think, say, act, has to come from love. In a nutshell, Everything stems from the Heart itself!

Come on y’all! The Heart isn’t associated with love for no reason.


So yup, That’s Me, Conquering everything n’ stuff. LOL 😂

Question, Do you know what kind of responsibility that holds?! I mean can I get a chill pill around here?

*On a serious tip*…

I Am constantly studying self, thru past and present experiences to try to get it right for the future. This is NO easy task now, might I add.
You know, most people would say there is no scroll to life, however I disagree. Mine is within Me, and it is up to me to find it. And I will.

So if you would ask Me who I Am, I would say, “I Am Love.”

Peace and Love.

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