February 15th 19**

🎶This is the day, this is the day, that the Lord has made. We will rejoice, we will rejoice and praise His name🎵

Some decades ago, on this date, my Mother gave birth to Me. But I have been claiming this date to be MY BIRTHDAY😔 shouldn’t I be celebrating my Mother?🤔

A good friend of mine asked Me, “So are you not going to do anything today?” I explained to my friend that it’s really not a big deal. Every year this day comes and it will be as if it were yesterday, when it wasn’t the date I was born. My friend expounded, “This is another year that God gave you, so you should celebrate that.”

Ah ha💭 I should be celebrating My heavenly creator! 🎶This is the day, this is the day, that the Lord has made. We will rejoice, we will rejoice and praise His name🎵 🎶

Thank you, Father, for another day. I love you because you’re always here with me, and for me. Can you watch over Mother and keep her in your unchanging hands. Amen 🙏🏽

Thank you Mother. I love you because you allowed me to come through you, and cared for me in my up bringing.

Love.💜 215

A Love Reasoning💭

🎶The reasons, the reasons that we are here…🎶

Just to think, a reason is one’s thoughts . The reason is the all mighty.

I was intellectualizing and came to a mind-blowing 🤯 conclusion… my wisdom comes from the trials and tribulations (a.k.a. “my struggles”). My wisdom may reach someone or uplift someone in their own “struggle”, however, it is my wisdom for Me and my growth in this life.

Reason’s come through wisdom. HENCE, the reason one’s reasonings change throughout life. “A fool changes his mind, not.” A fool is unreasonable.

Have you ever met someone or know someone who stands firm on their belief and when you show them that what they believe is ultimately not true and they may get belligerent or may say “well this is what I believe?”

Never waste your precious time arguing or debating with an unreasonable individual or group. Let them Be.

You can grow up with someone in the same household, have the same routine, witness the same experiences, etc., and you will still have a different view of life.

I have learned to reason with myself. which is harder to do, by the way, verses with someone else.

To consistently be truthful with yourself and check yourself when you know you did something f’d up (pardon my choice of words) is not always easy.

Just to think, if people would learn to do more self reasoning and self judgment before going out and reasoning and judging others, the world will be a better world. Because what we do on the inside shows on the outside sooner or later.

Like I previously mentioned, my wisdom; my reasoning. This may reach you or uplift you, but ultimately, this is what I’ve come to learn, for Me and my salvation.

Even though my reasonings may change throughout my life of gaining wisdom, I reason with authority, with self, first because my thinking connects Me to my heart which connects Me to The Most High, and that’s where my authority derives from.

🎶la la lala la la lala🎵🎶


The Reasons by Earth, Wind, and Fire… I do not own the rights to the lyrics to this song.

Peace ✌🏽 and Love 💜 to you all.

Your Masculinity Energy

It’s the strength in you,

A Super Hero.

You carry Me when you fly, so we fly; I tap in. You bring out the Super Woman in Me.

It’s the confidence in you,

The Sure Thing.

You know Every need to be filled; You Tap in, to Leadership. Flourishing the Natural Feminine Stillness in Me.

It’s the Protector in You,

Activating our cloak shield.

5. As you wrap your arms around my Sacrum, my Holy Bone, my Love Handles, 4. as I Am secured; 3. I complete the launch with my arms around your Cervical Seven, the tip of your Medulla Oblongate, your Neck; 2. our Frontals unite, passing thru electricity. 1.Sheild activated. *blast off, Protected.

It’s the Focus in you,


What’s understood is acted upon; collectively, with the vibration of your speaker box. You read, write, speak, touch my Love Language. Hmm.

It’s your Masculinity. Every’way about it.

You ignite my Femininity.

Ignis. Ignire.

God gifted kinda energy.  InFinite.


We Are Love Binded Created thru Heaven.

Episode three

I was recently asked, “What is something that excites me about life?”

Now, it took me a minute to answer the question because I had never thought about what excites me about life before. I thought, and thought.

When I finally came to a conscious mind to be able to answer the question, I hesitated. I was like this is a crazy answer. Immediately I felt judged, you know.

Well my answer was my answer… that was that and I Am standing on it like a permanent stamp. This is what I said,

“The thing that most excites me about life is being able to bare/bear a life. The whole experience of pregnancy and giving birth is amazingly beautiful, and I loved every second of it. To me, there is nothing more exciting.”

*Truth moment… No judgement.

~If circumstances were different (without going into details) I would have happily carried more than I did. I even thought to be a surrogate. My family thought I was tripping.

Seriously tho…

Let’s just say the guy that asked me the question was not expecting me to say that at all. He damn near wanted me to come up with something else to say. I didn’t.

Being a Mother has taught me so much about myself, about life, and gave me a tremendous amount of strength (All praise is due to Him). Superwoman in the flesh, you hear Me!

For Me, Motherhood is a Livelyhood .. My Life. I love all my children ❤️ 💙 💜, I love this Woman I became and becoming and I wouldn’t change it for nothing or no one.

I thanked the guy in my heart because a question worth thinking about goes a long way. I Am still thinking about it days later.

I Am Mother. Mother is great, Mother is powerful, MOTHER IS LIFE, Mother is Me. Most people carry the world on there shoulders, Mother carries the world in her womb. The world of the future.

How is that not the most exciting thing about life. I’ll wait.

How crazy is that?

Paece and Love

I Am who I Am is.

Po_a_lil tree <I created this word… it’s cute… means~ a little poetry. Fyi my Big Sis doesn’t like my Ghettwa language. ☺️ I love it.

Yes, so apologies for the long subtitle and everything, Just tryna keep us all together. Alright now, (clearing throat) her we go.

Who is I Am?

Oh Honey let me enlighten you, if I may.

I Am Spirit and Man, strangely mixed. I Am infinite beyond what meets the eye.

I Am  Daughter by Father and Mother. I Am Them and They are I.

I Am Wife of HIM; winner of his heart. I Am His reasonable companion. I Am the comfort of his heart. Happy is the Man to call I Wife.

I Am Mother. Mother is Me. I Am Womb made manifest. I Am law to my young; foundation of Our Home. Happy is the child to call I Mother.

I Am the Universe, and Galaxy. I Am the Star that shines so bright.

I Am Planet Earth, for it is the very make of my form. I Am the ground beneath feet, the water drank, the air breathing, the fire that burns inside All, the sky so high an airplane can’t touch.

I Am Sister. I Am cousin. I Am friend.

I Am Everthing I say, think, wish, believe, and hope I Am. For I Am the Master of I self.

I Am in this world; not of it.

I Am That I Am.

I Am is Me.

I Am is within you. If the question arise, “Who are You?” You may say, “I Am.”

Peace and Love to That I Am.

Good evening.

Today, this day of this night, is Beautiful.

8/7/2022 (2+2+2=6 ) 876 or 678. Synchronicity… Somebody said numbers don’t lie… and I never caught a number in a lie yet, soooo yeah. Order… everything lined up accordingly.

Beautiful Today went how it was suppose to go, synchronized and in order like the month, day, and year.

As you should, I see you Today.😉

Peace and Love.

Episode two

Oh that Somebody… Smh

I remember when I was younger… Than I am now… the Big Sister and I were having this conversation; it was to the nature of Me having a concern with the way things were… I think I was a lil’ in my feelings about the way I viewed Life at that particular time… after I spoke my peace, my sister just looked at me, and was like, “Somebody’s gotta do it.” And had the nerve to be smirking while shrugging her shoulders! And I’m just looking as if she just sums up my whole reasonings and logics on the matter in a four word statement the way she did, I know I’m Not the only one that despise a one liner, when being used on self, of course

* SN: even though I was most definitely irritated with Big Sister, seems as though she wrote those words on me because somebody was always around doing it… Now that I’m thinking about it. Still Is

Question: Why Somebody always gotta be the bigger person?

Disclaimer: I just need My Father to know that it is not my intent to be acting ungrateful for the life given to me… I’m Just saying, for understanding and wisdom purposes. I don’t know about y’all but I love my Father and I don’t need no confusions, so yes this section is necessary.

As a child I was head strong, my Uncle, may God be pleased with Him, called me BigHead, like that was my name to Him, Tru story… so yes I was bighead strong, and if I thought something to be true about WHATEVA, I said it. At school I used to get sent to the office all the time, Not to be punished, but to make a report on the situation at hand. One time I had to grab a child by the ear (Not in a violent manner, I saw you think it) but the child was really acting out, disrupting my learning and scaring the teacher, that I liked, and some order needed to be established in that moment; the child put that act right on after that, he even joined in on our popcorn reading session. Had to give a thorough report that day, smh. My Mother would just be like… shaking her head because she wouldn’t exactly know what to say to me. Very serious child too. My foundation within myself, as a child, was solid as a mountain. I was a “been here before” type child. So Anyways…

Bighead grows up, So now I start finding myself in these situations where people start telling Me that Somebody’s gotta be the bigger person…

I was in this relationship some time ago and this guy was cheating on me left to right, up and down, I mean I ain’t know what direction to turn… Everything starts to blow up and out, the details is for another time and place, you hear me. I was there, to the max, the max of leaving and being done with him… talk about the hurt in my heart chil’… but one day he said to me, after everything transpired, “Somebody gotta be the bigger person, man.” It was the way he said it, for me. Like I know that the bigger person should be Me… Then instantly I’m irritated because in my mind I Am, and I know it.

Here’s the thing, that may be, however, where was/is your bigger person… Like you couldn’t be the bigger person and not put all that hurt on a Sis… I’m just saying.

Kid y’all not, I’m too cool for school. I speak when spoken to, respect my elders, honor Father and Mother, etc. Not perfect, I try tho. Ain’t nothing wrong with aiming honey

  • some one bothers me
  • some one use and abuse me
  • someone misjudge my me
  • some one steals from me
  • some one lies on me
  • some one maligns my honor
  • etc.

All of these things has been done, and in all situations the bigger person is presumed and assumed to be, Yup you got it, Me. However, I have come to the wisdom that… this is the answer, if you’re still following… Somebody is that one that needs to bring the level head, the one that has to think things through, see things from another perspective, restores the peace, shower the madness with Love.

“Somebody just gotta do it.”

SN: later on… a new wonder arises…

Question: Why is Somebody ALWAYS Me?

Answer: I Am Love. A.K.A. BigHead

Peace and Love.

Episode One

Lil’ Bio

Greetings Loves!

Before I start writing about me, first and foremost, I trust All are well and at peace with life and endeavors that life carries you.

I Am Love.

What would you say if I told you I come from the Plane of Love?

Well for starters love is the number one principle, to me, there are five I live by but they will be touched upon throughout future episodes.

*Now I realize that not everyone lives by the same principles and that is fine by be; I trust how I Live is fine by you.*

where were we….. Ah!

With love being the number one principle, It is All; Aught. The Highest Level… There is most definitely levels to this... The Highest Level of the Mind! A light bulb 💡 went off in my head, some time ago, when I came to know that the first organ we develop in the womb is the Heart; along with the Brain… the heart is formed before the brain… It has been taught to me that one has reached their highest self when the brain and heart aligns and become one. if they are created together, to me, they should be together. Everything I do, think, say, act, has to come from love. In a nutshell, Everything stems from the Heart itself!

Come on y’all! The Heart isn’t associated with love for no reason.


So yup, That’s Me, Conquering everything n’ stuff. LOL 😂

Question, Do you know what kind of responsibility that holds?! I mean can I get a chill pill around here?

*On a serious tip*…

I Am constantly studying self, thru past and present experiences to try to get it right for the future. This is NO easy task now, might I add.
You know, most people would say there is no scroll to life, however I disagree. Mine is within Me, and it is up to me to find it. And I will.

So if you would ask Me who I Am, I would say, “I Am Love.”

Peace and Love.